My Wish Tree

Wild Cherry Tree


Symbolising rebirth and new awakenings the Wild Cherry Blossom tree is a wonderful gift of peace and tranquillity to welcome a baby into the world. The delightful pink confetti blossom will bring joy every year, as both child and tree grow together.

The tree is beautifully packaged and comes with planting instructions and a wish card, so that the recipient can make a wish and plant it with the tree.


The Wild Cherry Tree is delivered at approximately 115cm. This tree will grow to a height of 8 metres with a spread of 12 metres


Once delivered, open immediately

If bare roots seem dry place in tray of water for 30 minutes

Prepare soil before planting with fertiliser

Always water before planting

Soil type: sand, clay, chalk, loam

Moisture: well-drained, moist but well-drained

Exposure: exposed or sheltered

Position: full sun


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