Tender Leaf Toys

Ultimate Shopping Set


Shopping has never been so much fun! This set includes Weighing Scales, a Till with Money and a Grocery Bag. The wooden scales with moving dial and weighing plate include an apple, orange and strawberry that come apart in two halves. To pay for purchases, the classic wooden cash register comes with five wooden printed food boards, wooden coins and paper money. The grocery bag can carry everything home. The printed canvas bag comes with wooden play products including olive oil, jam, a bar of soap, sardines, chocolate, salami, tomato sauce and a tin of beans.

Product Dimensions

Weighing Scales: 20W x 10D x 18H cm

Till with Money: 15W x 13D x 16H cm

Grocery Bag: 29W x 23D x 7H cm

Age Range

3 years +


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