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Olive Tree


Symbolising peace, wisdom, prosperity and success, the Olive tree makes an incredible gift for a new baby. This tree can be kept in a pot or can be planted in a small garden, so it's a very versatile gift!

The tree is beautifully packaged and comes with planting instructions and a wish card, so that the recipient can make a wish and plant it with the tree.

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The Olive tree is available in two sizes; 30cm or 100cm. This tree will grow up to the size of 4 metres.


  • Once delivered, open immediately
  • Olive trees are perfect potted trees
  • Repot every year with gritty compost
  • Bring inside in the winter months to protect the tree
  • Soil: loam, clay, sand, chalk
  • Exposure: sheltered
  • Position: full sun


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