Tender Leaf Toys

Noah's Wooden Ark


Mrs & Mr Noah have ten pairs of animals to look after in the ark and they need young helpers! This beautiful wooden ark has a wide opening door on one side as well as a top hatch that lifts to reveal a double-deck interior. One end slides out to allow easy access to all the animals, and a ladder makes it easy for them to climb in two by two. There is even a small window in the roof for those tall giraffes! A delightful toy to encourage plenty of imaginative play.

Set Includes

  • Wooden ark with ladder
  • Mr & Mrs Noah
  • 2 Elephants
  • 2 Giraffes
  • 2 Lions
  • 2 Hippos
  • 2 Polar bears
  • 2 Walruses
  • 2 Rhinos 
  • 2 Doves
  • 2 Anteaters
  • 2 Hares

Product Dimensions

38W x 27D x 30H cm

Age Range

3 years +


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