Tender Leaf Toys

Food Market Crate Set


We've teamed together five beautifully designed canvas crates full of food for your little one to sell on market day! Enjoy hours of fun buying and selling beautiful fresh food at your local farmers' market.

Set Includes

Charcuterie Crate: Slice of ham and egg pie, black sausage, bacon, string of sausages, large salami, chorizo and ham hock.

Fish Crate: Wooden lobster, plaice, mackerel, herring, whitebait, prawn and scallop.

Bread Crate: 4 rolls attached with velcro, a croissant, iced bun, pretzel and baguette.

Veggie Crate includes: A pumpkin, turnip, mushroom, chilli pepper, avocado and leek.

Fruity Crate includes: Bunch of grapes, half a kiwi fruit, a slice of watermelon, pear, plum, and tangerine.

Product Dimensions

Charcuterie Crate: 14W x 12D x 4H cm

Fish Crate: 14W x 12D x 4H cm

Bread Crate: 14W x 12D x 4H cm

Veggie Crate: 14W x 12D x 4H cm

Fruity Crate: 14W x 12D x 4H cm

Age Range

3 years +


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